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West 3rd Common offers the refined decor of a lounge, the great good of a gastropub, and the excitement of a sports bar. The menu features classic regional American fare with influences from the South and Southwest. The one-of-a-kind burgers, wings and brunch are neighborhood favorites and draw customers back again and again.


Our eclectic brunch includes both morning staples with an extra kick of flavor and dishes found nowhere else in the city. Choose from pancake tacos, chicken and waffles and made-to-order grilled cheese sandwiches.

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Lunch Special

Our lunch is the perfect way to break up the day with something appetizing. Whether its your coworkers, family or friends, it is a good way to recharge with a drink and a bite before heading off to complete your day.

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Lunch & Dinner Menu

Our dinner is a mix of finger foods with burgers, sandwiches and salads that show special attention to flavor and presentation. It is a great jumping off point to an exciting evening on the town.

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Party Platters

Our party platters give groups an easy way to throw an impromptu or planned party where everyone gets to sample many of West 3 Common’s food. You can all dig in and come back for more.

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Draft & Bottle Beers

At any one time, we have a lot of different quality beers to choose from, whether in the bottle or on tap. We have on hand enjoyable beers for lovers of dark lagers, IPAs and Pilsners alike.

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Cocktails & Wine

Our cocktails are refreshing tongue pleasers and bring in a large crowd to hang out in our bar area. We also have selected wine that will keep the most picky wine lover happy.

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